Areas Of Learning

Areas of Learning

The Montessori prepared environment contains five different areas of learning. Each child is invited by the directresses to explore the different areas.

This video is a great look into a Montessori classroom. It follows a four year old boy as he moves freely through the prepared environment, selecting work which interests him.

Practical Life Area

This area is designed to develop fine and gross motor muscles, independence, concentration, coordination, grace and courtesy and care of the person and for the surrounding environment. This is achieved by repeating familiar activities seen at home such as pouring, cleaning, sweeping, polishing, preparing food etcetera


Our senses lead our development and knowledge accumulation throughout our lives and it is therefore essential to hone these from an early age. The Sensorial activities isolate each perceptual quality which promotes the development of every sense individually.


The Language Material is designed to gradually assist the child in developing the necessary skills to start reading and writing. This begins with “I Spy…” where one learns that words are made up of different sounds. From there, using the Sandpaper Letters, the symbol for each sound is learnt and then phonetic word building can begin.


The Montessori Maths Equipment is amazing. Various mathematic activities are introduced in a fun manner, to give children a fundamental understanding of numbers before learning to match the abstract symbols. The material is presented systematically, and in an organized manner, teaching the child the methodical skills necessary for advanced Maths.


The Cultural Area is designed to expose the child to a variety of people, places animals, insects and plants from around the globe. This assists the child in understanding his/her place in the world, whilst teaching acceptance of other cultures and respect for all living things.

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