Our Family

Meet the Sisters

Nature’s Way Montessori is run by sisters, Amy & Jess. They have worked in various Montessori schools in Johannesburg. Having gained valuable work experience, they have decided to fulfill their dream of opening their own Montessori preschool.


After matriculating in 2006, Amy took a year off traveling around the world. After working at a summer camp in America, she discovered her love for children.

Having returned to South Africa, Amy completed a degree in Branding and Communications from Vega in 2011. After one year of working in the field, she decided that her passion lay in teaching.

The following year she completed a diploma in Montessori teaching.

Subsequently, she has taught at various Montessori pre-schools in Johannesburg.

Equipped with teaching experience and a fervor for her work, Amy is thrilled to team up with her best friend to establish a vibrant new pre-school.


Jess matriculated in 2008. In 2009, she went traveling and worked in London raising money for various charity organizations.

As she has a creative mind, Jess started studying a degree in Visual Communications at Vega in 2010. She soon discovered, however, that this path did not suit her. A gentle and caring soul with a love for children, Jess investigated her options in teaching.

She came across Montessori teaching and fell in love with the philosophy. Jess completed her diploma in Montessori Teaching in 2012. After working in several pre-schools in Johannesburg, she felt the urge to travel again.

In 2015, Jess spent the year living in Koh Samui, Thailand where she taught at a Montessori pre-school on the island. As the year was ending, Jess came across an opportunity to purchase the equipment from the school. Jess and Amy joined forces to actualize their goal of starting their own school.

Meet Meggie

Meggie is a loving, energetic Mom of four who joined our family in June 2017. She has valuable experience in working with little ones and truly loves them as if they are her own. Meg is an irreplaceable member of our environment and is completely adored by us all.

Meet Anishce

Anishce has been growing with our Family since early 2017. She is a newly qualified Montessori teacher her began her journey with us as a student doing her practicals. She is a hard working, enthusiastic, creative directress who the children completely adore. Anishce has a passion for teaching, a love for young children and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our team.

Meet Matron

Matron is a gentle, kind and loving soul who brings a great sense of calmness to our environment. She has two children of her own and an amazing motherly nature. Matron joined our family in February 2018 and we cant imagine the school without her.

Meet Sonya

Sonya is a fun, enthusiastic, loving lady who runs our afternoon program. The children chant as her car enters the driveway and they thoroughly enjoy every afternoon with her.  Sonya has three grown boys of her own and has a background in running nursery schools. We love the energy she brings and we couldn’t imagine our days without her.