Our Story

Our Story

After studying Montessori early childhood development, we always knew that one day we would join together, as sisters and best friends, to open the most exquisite Montessori School. After gaining valuable experience, this dream has finally become a reality and we couldn’t be more excited!

We came across the opportunity to purchase fantastic contents from the school Jess was working at in Thailand. The quaint wooden furniture was hand-made in Thailand and the Montessori equipment was purchased from America.

The building was designed with the intention of creating a space for the children that encourages free exploration and natural development. The layout is centered on little children and their needs.

The furniture is child-sized and the pictures are hung at child height. Even the kitchen has been built at their level!

This achieves our desire to ensure the children feel completely comfortable in their environment, without restrictions or limitations.

The classroom mimics a home environment with its natural finishes and layout. We wanted to make a “children’s home” whereby the little ones can be self-sufficient. This promotes independence and holistic growth.

The beautiful landscape surrounding the school lends itself to outdoor exploration. The natural playground allows children to have fun on the equipment, but also provides the opportunity for them to wonder among the plants, feed the farm animals and stroll around the stunning property.